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Aesthetic Literacy Volume I

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aesthetic literacy vol. I: a book for everyone
ISBN: 978-0-6486054-0-9
third PDF edition
first edition february 2022
this edition november 2023

Sales of this PDF edition will go towards publishing an e-book and physical real world book.

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mongrel matter delivers an eclectic collection in aesthetic education. 

aesthetic literacy is an experiment in philosophy of culture, a book-exercise which has taken years to realise, turning into a maze wandering through three volumes, free-styled by one hundred and fifty authors.             

the ample cultural potential of aesthetics is inchoate, as things stand, while the sizable body of aesthetic studies enjoys sparse influence on school, tertiary, street, domestic and other areas of critical education; one is likely to learn about aesthetics at college or university, in a closed room, and not thanks to their parents, siblings, friends and lovers.

 mindful of such barriers and hierarchies, we offer to everyone this demonstrous book of searches for meaning in the most natural, river-like dimension of experience, carrying you away to familiar and unknown shallows and depths. 

 aesthetic literacy recognises no writing style as superior to another, be it a dialogue beside a comic, or a rhyme by a mural: why would anyone discriminate against an aphorism next to an essay, if the meanings and feelings they shape are like figments of gold? 

 our book is authored by professors, near acclaimed and aspiring writers, journalists and storytellers, artists and aliases, and those who will not write and create again. 

 aesthetic education is your right, reader, you shall be guided across the everyday domains of arts and politics, city and home, bodies in cosmos, through monolithic, gone-by and oppressed cultures, to learn that aesthetics is a part and parcel of our lives and future.

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